Dear Neighbor,

The events of the past few weeks have shaken our communities and challenged our national conscience.  

In a free society, government’s first duty is to protect the liberties of the people – without bias toward any particular social status, skin-color or income level, or any other factor. I stand with all Americans in renewing the call for equal justice under the law, a cornerstone of American jurisprudence that must never be compromised.

Law enforcement officers hold a lot of power in serving and protecting us. They deserve our support, but likewise we deserve confidence that law enforcement will be held accountable if they abuse their authority. During my time in the Legislature, I have participated in many critical efforts toward meaningful police and criminal justice reform, yet it has never been more clear that our work still isn’t complete.

Americans must now come together and work towards a better future, and as we begin the process of healing our nation, we must remain hopeful that progress is attainable. I know that we can move beyond this time, and I look forward to forging a brighter future together.

– John