The Issues

There are too many radical liberals in the legislature who want to dismantle the free market, defund police, and destroy our history and institutions. I’m fighting to protect Orange County from these dangerous policies that have wreaked havoc on other communities.

Return to Normal

It’s time we restored an orderly community with stability and prosperity. That means schools opened, police funded, historic monuments protected, criminals returned to jails, small businesses fully operational, and our neighborhoods safe from mob-fueled mayhem.

Reopen Our Schools

Data clearly shows that COVID is an extremely minimum threat to school-aged youth, even less of a threat than other common ailments. Studies also show that students are suffering from depression and other mental health issues because of the school closing. The bottom line is that we need to follow the science and reopen our schools.

Fiscal Health Recovery

Before the pandemic, I warned that state, county, city, and school district pension funds were over-leveraged in the stock market. Now we’re facing a shortfall of historic proportion, with many municipalities under threat of potential bankruptcy. We need to immediately ease this fiscal stress by reducing public employee pension benefits until they match available funds.

Economic Recovery

I’m fighting to repeal the ban on independent contractors (AB 5) so that all Californians have the freedom to work, even as an independent contractor. I’m also calling for an interim suspension of the gas tax and other anti-job regulations so that California can compete against other states for emerging jobs. We need to remove all roadblocks to a successful recovery for California families.

No More Tax Hikes

Californians already pay the nation’s highest taxes. Now the Sacramento politicians want to raise property taxes in 2020. I strongly oppose increasing taxes on California’s families & small businesses, and I support Proposition 13’s limit on property taxes. Now is not the time.

Safe and Better Schools

As we plan for re-opening schools, remember that California already spends $17,000 per student in K-12 schools – a huge sum. Clearly more money isn’t the answer. Now, with the uncertainty of social distancing, it’s more important than ever that we support parents having greater control and choices over their children’s education, including charter schools, home schooling and other school-choice reforms.

Reduce Homelessness

I’m working on specific remedies that fix the homeless, including finding essential funding last year for Laura’s Law, allowing severely mentally ill individuals to obtain assisted outpatient treatment. I’m also a joint author of SB 1206 (Proposition 2), which redirects existing funding to supportive housing for mentally ill homeless.

Fix the Housing Crunch

Government imposed fees on new California housing are 3 times higher than the national average, and regulatory delays compound the cost.  I’m fighting to cut these costs and remove unnecessary regulations so that our children don’t have to move away just to afford a home for their families.

Better Roads & Highways

I opposed the 17 cents per gallon gas tax the liberal majority imposed in 2017. At the time, I predicted this new tax revenue would be diverted to other causes.  I was right, and now the majority wants to raise taxes even higher.  Californians deserve to know their tax dollars are being used appropriately, and that includes using gas taxes for improving highways and other roads.




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