The Issues

25 years ago, John Moorlach gained the nation’s attention by guiding Orange County out of crippling bankruptcy and putting the County on a long-term path to success. Now he’s working to do the same in Sacramento. 


Lower Taxes

Californians already pay the nation’s highest taxes. Now the Sacramento politicians want to raise property taxes in 2020.  I strongly oppose increasing taxes on California’s families & small businesses, and I support Proposition 13’s limit on property taxes.

Reduce Homelessness

While there’s a lot of talk about homelessness, I’m working on specific remedies that fix the problem. I was able to find funding for Laura’s Law, allowing severely mentally ill individuals to obtain assisted outpatient treatment. I’m also a joint author of SB 1206 (Proposition 2), which redirects existing funding to supportive housing for mentally ill homeless.

Improve Schools

California spends $17,000 per student in K-12 schools but still scores near the bottom on national tests. More money isn’t the answer. I support giving parents greater control and choices over their children’s education, including charter schools and other school-choice reforms.

Fix the Housing Crunch

Government imposed fees on new California housing are 3 times higher than the national average, and regulatory delays compound the cost.  I’m fighting to cut these costs and remove unnecessary regulations so that our children don’t have to move away just to afford a home for their families.

Solve Pension Debt

I’ve spent two decades warning unfunded public pension debt would swamp city, county, school and state budgets, forcing reductions in police, fire and other services. Now that’s happening. I’ll continue pushing reforms that restore balanced budgets and protect taxpayers.

Create Better Jobs

High taxes and heavy mandates have driven away some of California’s best companies. I will continue pushing legislation to reduce taxes and unnecessary regulations so we can start attracting businesses and jobs back to our state.

Better Roads & Highways

I opposed the 17 cents per gallon gas tax the liberal majority imposed in 2017. At the time, I predicted this new tax revenue would be diverted to other causes.  I was right, and now the majority wants to raise taxes even higher.  Californians deserve to know their tax dollars are being used appropriately, and that includes using gas taxes for improving highways and other roads.




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