CalMatters brings up so many memories of Floor debates.  Topics like the use of video cameras and forcing crisis pregnancy centers to post a sign that abortions are available.  Reporters can use hidden cameras, but others doing investigations cannot? Do Chevrolet dealers have to inform customers that there is a Ford dealer down the street?

I warned that Assemblyman David Chiu’s bill would fail the constitutionality test in court.  It cost taxpayers more than $870,000 for the Attorney General to unsuccessfully defend his bill, in addition to the $2.1 million paid to the successful litigants (see MOORLACH UPDATE — Sacred Votes — May 26, 2019).  The Legislature continues to pursue bills that will meet a similar fate.

Crying about some perceived windfall by the plaintiffs just doesn’t hold water.  As someone who used to bill hourly for my time as a Certified Public Accountant, paying attorney fees is just compensation for the time invested.  If this bothers you, good. Don’t pass and sign legislation that comes with an automatic court case.

As for the selling of body parts, it occurred, resulting in a $7.8 million settlement by the offenders to the Orange County District Attorney two years ago..

25th Anniversary Look Back

It was the calm before the storm, but I had to vent.  So I wrote a rather lengthy editorial submission and faxed it to editorial writer Harold Johnson of the OC Register on October 15, 1994.  The subject title on the transmittal cover sheet was “Financial Maniacs” and here’s what I wrote:

In the genre of “you just don’t realize how bad it really is” comes this lengthy response. Give me your input.  Is this a Sunday editorial? Should I contact “California Political Review”? Do you have suggestions for editing it down in size?  Should we leave it alone (after all, self-fulfilling prophecies aren’t always fun)? Call me at XXX-1040 as these issues will not go away.

I don’t believe I ever heard back from the OC Register‘s editorial board in the weeks that followed.

However, on December 7th, the day after Orange County filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, I received a call from Commentary Editor Ken Grubbs, asking me if I would like to submit my thoughts.  I said that I had already prepared a piece almost two months prior. He asked me to fax it to him. So I used the same transmittal cover sheet, changed the date and fax number and added Ken’s name.